Writer Brain

So I’m trying to write a 1000 word story with the words: There is no exit.… for this website and I’m drawing a blank. It’s such a great line and I can use it as a title or a line in the story.

So far I have:

He steadied his hands. It angered him when they shook without his permission. Gabriel called it a nervous tic. Every one of them developed some kind of tick sooner or later. But Jack was different. He had to be different.

And then I’m all like….

Okay… now what? I don’t like those names. He doesn’t feel like a Jack. Jack is someone else. Maybe he’s just He. Maybe I’m thinking too much. It’s about death. Is it? I don’t know. Everything is about death with you. Maybe he’s a ghost. Jack the ghost who has shaky hands. Maybe. Who knows. Clearly not me. This line makes me think of the book, AMERICAN PSYCHO. That book was nuts. The last line of the book is: THIS IS NOT AN EXIT. So, now that crazy psycho is in my head and now I’m thinking about rats. Ew. I’m so happy they chose not to put that scene in the movie. What was I doing? Right. What is this 1000 word story about? Death? Ghosts? Being stuck in the middle seat on an airplane? Being stuck anywhere? No exit makes me nervous. What if I want to leave? I wonder what would happen if Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland met? Jack is a good name. It’s his name, but not this his because that make’s sense. I probably shouldn’t be drinking coffee.

And that my friends is the writing process.


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