Coffee and Writing

Why am I drinking coffee at 6:00pm Sunday evening? Because I like to live on the edge. I’m a rebel! More importantly, I’m writing. Or I was until I realized it’s complete rubbish and should be burned. Dramatic? Maybe.

I’ve had this cute, contemporary young adult story brewing in my noggin for about two weeks. I knew the basic synopsis. I liked the idea. I liked the character names (the males because I didn’t know the females names until tonight). I’ve been writing down notes and ideas and scenes. This was happening.

Until it wasn’t. I drank the coffee. Coffee gives me the super powers. Licorice does too if you’re keeping track. I wrote words. It felt nice typing again. My handwriting is horrible and barely legible. As I was writing I realized that this isn’t the story I’m supposed to write. The idea is cute. I would have fun with it. However, it isn’t a story I care to write. Plus, it has zero monsters in it. Come on. That’s bogus.

So, I’m challenging myself (and you if you’d like to join me) to write a short story every week during the month of July (but starting this week because I haven’t master time-travel yet). There are no rules. A story could be 100 words or 5000 words.