June 26th: Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt #1:


I’ll post my story at the end of the week. Feel free to share your own story with me. I’d love to see what this photo inspires others to create.

Happy Writing!

I found this image at: https://stranglingmymuse.wordpress.com/category/photo-prompts/




Coffee and Writing

Why am I drinking coffee at 6:00pm Sunday evening? Because I like to live on the edge. I’m a rebel! More importantly, I’m writing. Or I was until I realized it’s complete rubbish and should be burned. Dramatic? Maybe.

I’ve had this cute, contemporary young adult story brewing in my noggin for about two weeks. I knew the basic synopsis. I liked the idea. I liked the character names (the males because I didn’t know the females names until tonight). I’ve been writing down notes and ideas and scenes. This was happening.

Until it wasn’t. I drank the coffee. Coffee gives me the super powers. Licorice does too if you’re keeping track. I wrote words. It felt nice typing again. My handwriting is horrible and barely legible. As I was writing I realized that this isn’t the story I’m supposed to write. The idea is cute. I would have fun with it. However, it isn’t a story I care to write. Plus, it has zero monsters in it. Come on. That’s bogus.

So, I’m challenging myself (and you if you’d like to join me) to write a short story every week during the month of July (but starting this week because I haven’t master time-travel yet). There are no rules. A story could be 100 words or 5000 words.